We are pleased that we have been able to provide you with medical equipment which you selected. Our “Medical Equipment Loan Program” (“MELP”) and AbleCloset have provided hundreds of pieces of equipment and will continue to do so with the support of local Rotaries, government and corporate grants, and donations from clients such as yourself.

MELP and AbleCloset are a result of the volunteers’ efforts of Belmont-Redwood Shores Rotary Foundation, San Carlos Rotary, and Villages of San Mateo. We are non-profit entities operating as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.  Our funding depends to a large extent on the goodwill and support of clients who have used our services. It would be extremely useful to us if you would provide your thoughts on what our equipment has meant to you in the space below – it always makes us feel good! – but also will be useful on our grant applications and on our website. If you would be willing to let us use your name, please indicate that as well.  Thank you for any thoughts you can provide.