We Loan Free Medical Equipment Primarily in San Mateo County

How can we help you?

What We Do

The Medical Equipment Loan Program (“MELP”) creates medical equity and improves lives by providing used durable medical equipment to anyone who needs it.  At the same time, MELP helps the environment through re-use and recycling.

Donated equipment such as wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, knee scooters, and more is inspected, repaired, cleaned, and inventoried before being loaned to future users. Although the equipment is made available at no cost, donations of funds of any amount are appreciated.

Who We Are

MELP is jointly run by volunteers from the Belmont & Redwood Shores Rotary Club, San Carlos Rotary Club, Villages of San Mateo County, and local community. Volunteers drive all aspects of the program, from receiving donated equipment to loaning that equipment at no cost to others who need it.